It’s easy to be the biggest goldfish. All you have... | News | Coagulopath

It’s easy to be the biggest goldfish. All you have to do is find a really small pond.

The problem happens is when you try to step outside that pond and conquer worlds beyond. Think of the stereotypical small-town beauty queen who tries to make it big in Hollywood, gets clotheslined by fifty thousand other small-town beauty queens, and develops a cocaine hobby. And then, I don’t know, maybe runs for public office. History is littered with people who think they’re king of the world when in reality, they were only ever capable of being king of a small part of it.

The weird, wacky world of social media offers many examples. It’s a safe and harmless way to build a following, so you get misguided souls who attain flavour-of-the-month success and think they have way more talent than they do. Like Tila Tequila. She attracted up an insane number of Myspace friends, tried to turn herself into a mainstream star, and from there it’s been a hideous flaming downward spiral from a music icon…to a reality TV icon…to a tabloid icon…to a the-next-step-down-from-tabloid-icon icon, and I don’t know what the next step will be but it sure as hell won’t see her as a female empowerment icon.

Less dramatic examples can be found in Smosh and TheHill88. Smosh were two adorable kids lip-synching the Pokemon theme song in their bedroom. Since exploding in popularity, they’ve now tried to reinvent themselves as a comedy sketch group, and the results are shitty and unwatchable. Caitlin Hill was a pretty and vivacious teenage girl who had a video go viral, so she went to America to try and become an actress. That didn’t work out, and she’s since deleted her viral video. I don’t know why, it’s like George Lucas throwitng his original Star Wars movies down the memory hole.

I think it’s important than you understand where your ceiling is, and be realistic about where your limitations are. In my case, I have to restrict myself from kicking too much ass and being too awesome, lest people think I am a demigod rather than merely the greatest person on earth.