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Schwarzenegger once said something to the effect of “I am a Republican because I believe you can manage your money better than the government can.”

I sort of get the idea, but the government undoubtedly can manage money better than the individual, because that’s what it’s designed to do. An individual only cares about his own welfare (and maybe the welfare of his neighborhood), while the government cares about everyone, no matter where they are or who they are. Even a sheep farmer in Campbelltown has a vote. Individuals also have a short-term outlook on finances, usually the next couple of years, while the government recognises that, due to its power, the changes it makes will have effects down through the decades and that it’s disastrous to have a “I’ll just do anything to out of this latest debt” attitude.

But does the government have any right to your money? Of course not. Just because they could manage your money better than you doesn’t entitle them to take it away from you. Maybe I think I could manage my neighbour’s money better than him. That doesn’t entitle me to his money. Even if he’s horribly mismanaging it, his money belongs to him. Maybe I’m a sports freak and I think I could make much better use of my neighbour’s $6000 titanium bike which he rides for 5 minutes a week. That doesn’t matter. The bike is his. What he does with it is his own business. Who could make better use of it is irrelevant.

So maybe what Schwarzenegger should have said is “I am a Republican because I believe you have more right to your money than the government does.”