I used to be a fan of the music gear... | News | Coagulopath

I used to be a fan of the music gear megasite Harmony Central. But they’ve just pulled a Youtube and ruined everything with a needless, obnoxious site update.

Technical issues aside (good luck accessing any of your old bookmarks), the new review layout is simply horrible. They’ve added a 5-star system (with half-stars possible), which isn’t anywhere near as useful as their old decimal point system of ratings. And I can’t damned see how many people have written reviews. Does that Rivera Knucklehead have 5 stars over 50 people, or over 2? I don’t know. Well, I could scroll down and count the reviews by hand, but if it comes to that I’d rather use the Wayback Machine to restore myself to a time when the site wasn’t an unrecoverable load of gay.

Does anyone agree with me? Well, only the entire planet Earth.