We all love bumper stickers. They are shiny and pretty.... | News | Coagulopath

We all love bumper stickers. They are shiny and pretty. The sticky side can be used to suffocate children and infants you hate. Buy in bulk and you get a FREE box that is useful for storing things in. Also, sometimes they have words written on them, and sometimes these words are funny.

Seriously, they’re like 21st century literature. Our ancestors got Homer, Shakespeare, and Tolstoy. We get little plastic stickers saying “I support the troops who support women’s reproductive rights groups who support the priest who molested your honour roll student LITTLE DARWIN FISH! ^_^”

I recently saw the below bumper sticker. Fairly harmless. Just an anthropomorphic peace sign making the V with his fingers.

But take it down to 30% size, and it becomes a million times better on every possible level.

Now it looks like it’s smoking a joint.