So I went back and read the Real Ultimate Power... | News | Coagulopath

So I went back and read the Real Ultimate Power site, and it got me thinking about how web comedy ages.

We’re in a place now where we can finally answer that question. Back in 2000 (for example), nobody had been online for too long, so everything we saw was like virgin soil. But now that all these funny classics have aged a bit…how to they stack up?

I still love Real Ultimate Power. The creator of that site has gone on to create a new site called Ghosts/Aliens, and somehow it’s not as cool. Maybe because the character he writes as isn’t as fun.

Tucker Max has recently retired. I always liked him and thought he took a lot of crap he didn’t deserve. He wrote funny stories and somehow raised an army of haters against himself. Bizarre. That kind of concerted negative reaction is usually reserved for actual bad people, not entertainers trying to make others laugh.

I keep forgetting that Maddox is still alive. He was one of my favourite writers for years but he updates very infrequently now. I hear his new book’s good.

This Land was a flavour of the moment like Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. I don’t think it’s funny any more.

Numa Numa is still very cute, but Gary Brolsma went the wrong way with New Numa. What made the original clip appealing was how ghetto it looked. You had a guy unapologetically singing into a shitty webcam with terrible lighting and sound. New Numa is too polished. It’s not a viral clip, it’s a music video.

Seanbaby’s column on Cracked is godly, much better than his website.

I like reading old SomethingAwful articles, like this one. Note that they talk about DragonForce long before the band became huge off their Guitar Hero III song. I always like seeing stuff like that, like references to Skrillex years before he was famous.