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“To revolutionize, at one effort, the universal world of human thought, human opinion, and human sentiment…. All that he has to do is to write and publish a very little book. Its title should be simple—a few plain words—”My Heart Laid Bare.” But—this little book must be true to its title. ” — Edgar Allan Poe

There is a man called Christian Weston Chandler — sometimes known a Chris-Chan — who has become an internet legend in every wrong way you can count.

Forests could be massacred printing his exploits. If you want to start your journey, here’s a Chris-chan wiki with an astonishing 1300~ pages documenting Chris’s life. Every crazy email, every crazy video, every copyright-infringing piece of art.

Who runs the wiki? Good question. They’re definitely not fans, but they’re not exactly trolls or haters either. They’re more in the direction of…observers. You know, like kids with a captured bug in a jar.

One might ask “why?” There are millions of people with autism in the world. Why all this attention for one particular specimen? I think it’s because Chris is so demonstrative and forthcoming. Normally autism makes you withdrawn and disassociated. Here is a rare case that is near-pathologically uninhibited, to the point where he has no problems mentioning to strangers that he randomly shits himself.

People love that. People love looking inside the lives other people. That’s why reality TV is so big. Give someone a view into your heart, reveal intimate, sacred things about yourself, and they’ll show up to look.

I think that most online diaries are boring and unreadable because people are afraid to be open. They filter and censor the exciting and dangerous side of them, letting only the safe and mundane through. That isn’t how it works. I don’t want to read boring things. Why not put on a peepshow? Why not expose yourself a little?

So, go ahead, write your safe, straightlaced, boring-ass blog entries about work and school and travel. You won’t get one hundredth the attention of the a crazy autist prancing around in a bikini.