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cacodemonMawBTS is regarded as the century’s greatest writer in the last 100 years. His oeuvre covers both sides of the political compass, engages with every corner of the cultural sphere, and stands bluntly at the cutting edge of discursive theory – all while avoiding every landmine in the rhetorical playbook.

Critical Acclaim

newell“They should lock him up, throw away the key, throw away the cell, and then throw away the jail
– Gabe Newell, game developer & author of Two Quarters Life: Teach Your Kid to Reduce Fractions

valenti“I don’t read books by men but I’m told he’s good”
– Jessica Valenti, activist & author of Third Grave Feminism: Putting the ‘Dead’ Back in ‘Dead White Male’

ebert“Made me buy an apple and sigh for our civilisation”
– Roger Ebert, film critic & author of Facts About Throat Surgery that will Make Your Jaw Drop
hutcheon“He’s noted for burning epistemological bridges while rushing in through the heuristic out door, but his approach often throws the postmodern baby out with the sub-structuralist bathwater”
– Linda Hutcheon, academic & author of Bart Simpson’s Utopia: What if We Could Stay in School FOREVER?
– Christian Weston Chandler, autist & creator of Sonichu comix

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