cacodemonQ. What is this site?

The graphomania of MawBTS, including fictional stories and essays on popular enterdrainment

Q. Is Empty World suitable for people over the age of 18?

I have tried to make it adult-friendly but you may want to have a child supervising you.

Q. What are your influences?

Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Junji Ito, Suehiro Maruo, single moms who discover 1 weird trick to eradicate wrinkles (and are hated by dermatologists etc). I also enjoy books by racists and misogynists. I usually find these books to be interesting, and not racist and misogynistic at all. I don’t believe everything I hear.

Q. Where do you live?


Q. How did this site begin?

The domain was registered in 2005 to host a fansite for a video game. Empty World appeared in 2006. 8 years later, the internet is a changed place. Nobody would build a HTML fan page for a game any more. In 8 years more there will be nobody reading books. In 16 years more there will be nobody reading. In 24 years more there will be nobody.

Q. What do you hate?

Once, I would hug trees, and when the trees didn’t hug back my feelings were hurt. Then I saw a tree hug someone and I felt glad.

Q. There’s a problem with the site, what do?

A. Let me know and I’ll get tech support right on to it.

Man with Down Syndrome Working in an Office

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