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You and a friend might have different opinions. You and 24 Hours Later You might also have different opinions. That happened here. I watched this movie thinking it was the best thing ever, but after I left the theater I started liking it less and less pretty much immediately.

It’s the second coming of the Matrix. Great action scenes, a strong and unified visual theme, a catchy “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE!!!” message that apparently doesn’t extend to the money in the moviegoers’ pockets, and once you’re free of the movie’s spectacle, problems appear that you cannot ignore.

Forget about dreams and mazes and kicks and tokens, the plot itself is basically nothing. Just a guy trying to con his way to a better life. When you think about it, the heist they run is ridiculously roundabout and convoluted. They get together on a plane and knock out a businessman’s son and hook him up to a dream machine and enter the dream and fake a hijacking inside the dream and put him into a dream inside the dream and plant a seed of doubt inside his mind and then they BLAH BLAH BLAH…just to damage his business prospects? It feels like you’ve spent years discovering Newtonian physics just so you can invent the Pong videogame. There are scenes where this movie just flat-out cheats. Early in the movie they make it sound like limbo is some inescapable hell, and later in the movie two characters just casually escape at a moment’s notice. The characters live in a dreamworld where anything is possible and reality can be manipulated like play-doh, but they never take advantage of this. Okay, Arthur kills a dude with a logical paradox, and they may have magicked up some guns at one point, but that’s it.

But forget about plot holes. That’s not what’s wrong with Inception.

The movie is just a legalistic series of if/then clauses that could be solved by a computer algorithm. All the effort on the part of the viewer comes from figuring out the premise. Once you understand the premise, the movie solves itself. I was hoping for something much, much more than that.

Dreams are irrational, aren’t they? So wouldn’t a dream within a dream would be even more irrational? And yet no matter how far down they travel, the same ironclad rules still apply, the same challenges still face them. You get the feeling they could travel down through a hundred levels of the dream and STILL be fighting the same generic guys with generic 21st century firearms in a generic city environment.

Seeing them warp the environment and do incredible things in the beginning, and then the rest of the movie is lame James Bond shit…that was REALLY underwhelming. It feels like a meal where the dessert is served first.

Bur really, I rag on this movie far too much. It’s pretty good. The action scenes are solid, the premise is very original, and all the actors put in good performances. But, well…