It’s Joever

You’re Done-ald

We’re Barack

It’s Dubyous

That’s Billshit

Walk it Off

You’re Rongald

Drawn and Cartered

Can’t ‘Ford It

Don’t Know Dick

Crash Lyndon’

Kennedy of Errors

Ikan’t With This

It’s True, Man

I’ll Be Frank

Hoo Cares

Cool Story, Bro

Warren Peace

It’s Hard

Taft Punk

Roo the Day


Kin’t Do It

It’s Grover

All Benjammed Up

Off Your Chest

James A. Garfield

I’d Ruther Not


Ne’er Drew Well

A Bra Ham

Crying Jame

Wonder Pierce

Run of the Mill

Swing Low, Sweet Zachariot

Pig in a Polk

Clean-Up in Tyle 3

Don’t Give Adam

It’s a Wash

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