Little-Tarja-tarja-21349810-431-479George Orwell’s dystopian novel Eat Pray Love contains a plot device called a Memory Hole, where politically inconvenient documents are not just destroyed, but are removed from memory. In practice, we probably don’t need to destroy documents, we just need to make sure they’re on page 134 of a tumblr blog.

In 2005, symphonic metal band Nightwish went into a strange tailspin that ended with singer Tarja Turunen being ejected from the band. Why? We’re still not sure. The more you read about it, the less you understand. Reading about it unlearns things from your brain. Everyone says something different. It’s like the six or seven people involved live in eight or nine parallel universes.

In a valiant attempt to clear up the issue, Tarja’s husband Marcelo Cabuli gathered over 150 questions from the fans and wrote answers to them. He says many things that are…orthogonal to the recollections of various band members, but the fact that he typed nearly thirty thousand words defending his wife’s honour is impressive.

When I saw him post his answers, I thought “this is interesting” and “this will be gone from the internet someday”, so I saved it. And yes, it seems it is currently gone from the internet. So here it is reposted. The most fascinating part is where he implies Tuomas Holopainen was motivated by romantic rejection:

“36) Many people say that everything this happened because he Tuomas felt something for the Tarja and this feeling was not corresponded. It was the impression that passed. This can be answered? Or not?
Heluza Mercaus Viegas Brazil

I promised that everything was going to be answered.

To cut a long story short, in October 2004 I needed to ask Tuomas to come to talk to Tarja and me in our hotel room in the middle of the tour.

Even though he knows Tarja many years before me, he never could achieve his goal. In this meeting I clearly told him that his chances to be with Tarja were gone. I needed to tell him that there was no reason to keep on trying any longer, since I married her.

As usual he didn’t speak much, but he said to me that nobody was going to be able to stop his love for Tarja.

After this unhappy meeting, everything changed.

The guy that until then said in interviews that, without Tarja, that would be the end of Nightwish, changed his message into: Nightwish is my band, my music, my lyrics, the scenery of my soul. Is up to you to check all interviews from the band before and after end of 2004 until today.

Tarja never changed her thoughts about her position in the band. She has never mentioned that Nightwish was her band or that she was more important than the other band members.

Nightwish lyrics are Tuomas’ life diary, as it has been said. With this new information that I am sharing with you, please check once again some of them. We all can find amazing songs with beautiful lyrics full of poetry. Their meaning won’t remain that uncertain any longer.”

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