ferrissPeople tell me that the BMI is useless because it doesn’t account for muscular physiques. But that’s just a limitation. A 10m tape is not broken because it can’t measure 11m. If the BMI can’t properly categorise the body shape of muscular people, then all that means is that its scope of use is limited and we shouldn’t use it on muscular physiques.

The BMI is useful and accurate for a huge percentage of the population. It’s not totally accurate, but that’s because it has to classify a complex and variable system (the human body).

A person called Kate Harding has started something called The BMI Project to show how hilariously off (according to her) the BMI system is. I ask you, does it accomplish its goal? Most of the people pictured do seem to fit their BMI profile.

My ongoing reaction: “that seems right…that seems right…can’t tell because the picture sucks cock…no, that looks wrong…that seems right…”

And how useful are these pictures? An intelligent BMI picture gallery would have all the participants naked, in a relaxed pose, under neutral lighting…you just can’t tell how overweight the people are in most of Kate Harding’s picture. Photos can easily make you look bigger or smaller than you really are, ask any movie star.

Or ask Tim Ferriss, who recently sat on a needle ACTUALISED HIS INNER POTENTIAL AND SO CAN YOU IF YOU BUY HIS BOOK and proved it with careful before and after photography.

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