Donatella Massimo’s business is Uber for suicide, and in a... | Fiction / Novella / Writing | Coagulopath

Donatella Massimo’s business is Uber for suicide, and in a city full of depression, business is good. It’s safe, sane, and completely legal – you sign the form, and then die. As the company advances one funeral at a time, Donatella begins to wonder what the future holds for her own body. Infodeath is a terminal-black satire of startup culture, the commodification of human life, and the promise of man-made digital immortality.

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"...Welcome to the program, Mr Zhang." | Fiction / Novella / Writing | Coagulopath

What would you do to change your life?

What if you said ‘anything’…and meant it?

Jiro Zhang is a small-time criminal, steadily circling the drain. Then he meets Makassar, psychologist and founder of the Gateless Gate, Skyless Sky method.

This method is like nothing that has ever existed before. Its techniques are terrifying, illegal, and perhaps deadly. It can cure you of anything, even your humanity. It’s Zen Buddhism on steroids, crack cocaine, and Zyklon B. Jiro just has to sign the dotted line.

Under the guidance of the sinister Makassar, Jiro will walk a path to the edge of sanity, and then far, far beyond. He’s on the ultimate self-help journey…but he might look inside and find there’s no “self” left at the end.

Gateless Gate is a horror novella that mixes Buddhism, transhumanism, and ultra-violence. It’s the tale of a man who tears out the darkness in his soul and replaces it with something a thousand shades blacker.

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